The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Perfect Luxury Tented Camping Experience

Who doesn’t want to live in luxury and style? We know. No one. And certainly not you. If you work so hard to make every aspect of your life luxurious, why should your camping experience be any different? In this article, we provide you with our idea of the ultimate guide to a perfect camping experience.

So, what comes to your mind when you hear the word camping? Bonfire nights, long drives into the wild, and… TENTS!

A tent is an absolute necessity when it comes to camping. But a cheap and poor-quality tent can ruin your perfect vacation. To be able to come back to a camp that doesn’t compromise with your style, after a long day full of hiking on the trails or exploring the shores, can be quite welcoming. And it is our job to make everything luxurious. Even your tent.

There are a few tips that we feel you should know before you buy your luxury tent.

  1. The tent that reflects your future goals

Buying a tent is quite an investment, and if not done right, can prove to be a complete waste of money. Before you buy your tent, think.

  • How many people do you want it to accommodate?
  • Should you consider extending it to accommodate more people, how much will it allow you to do so?
  • Where are you planning to set up your campsite?
  • Can your tent withstand all kinds of weather conditions?

Only when you have your vision of the future clear, go ahead to make the purchase.

  1. No compromising on quality

There are a lot of bullet points on the list when it comes to checking the quality of your tent. The wood, the framework, the canvas- all of this needs to be studied to guarantee the safety and comfort of you and your family. Make sure the canvas is waterproof and flameproof but also breathable. The frame and wood used to make the tent should be sturdy and strong while maintaining the lightweight nature of the tent. The packed weight of the tent should not be more than you can comfortably carry.

At Himalayan Tents India, it is our topmost priority to provide you with tents of the highest quality for a hassle-free vacation.

  1. A luxurious interior for a luxurious you!

Did you say luxury and did not mention appearance? We hope not. Luxury is all about the looks. Elegant luxury tents deserve an elegant interior. If you want to upgrade your camping to ‘glamping’, it is important you glamour up!

Bring in the best quality chic furniture we provide for your tent, that is extremely easy to maintain, to give yourself the luxurious vacation you deserve.

However, interiors are not the primary requirements for a tent and can be totally up for a vote whether to be included or not.

  1. Sleep is a must!

And so is your sleeping setup. Going for inflatable air mattresses instead of regular sleeping bags could really make a difference. It reduces the chances of a puncture or a leak and gives you better quality sleep. Reviewing your sleep setup options is an essential part of glamping.

  1. Lights

Moons and stars are poetic indeed, but you need something more than that. In our opinion, opting for a few solar lanterns would be a smart choice. You can hang them inside your tents or around your campsite. They are extremely light to carry, take up no space and come with hooks as well. Just make sure they get plenty of sunlight during the day to charge up and you are good to go.

These were some of our suggestions that we felt might help you get the best camping experience. Still in doubt? Feel free to ask us anytime!

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